Actors, Playwrights, Artists Converge in Upcoming Performance, January 2016

While the Legacy Theatre is not yet ready to open its doors in the Stony Creek Puppet House in Branford, the professional theater company is still working to bring the arts to the shoreline. This February, Legacy Theatre is bringing the work of New Haven-based playwrights Mariah Sage and Bruce Seymour, who are married with a four-year-old son, to the Branford Arts Center.

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Plans for Stony Creek Puppet House Still Being Discussed, January 28, 2016

In its 110-year history, the 1903 Stony Creek Puppet House has been a silent movie house, the repertory theater home of the famed Parish Players, a summer stock house, a World War II parachute factory, and a puppet house featuring a world-renowned collection of 300 Sicilian marionettes. In the past decades...

Read More Person of the Week: Keely Baisden Knudsen, December 2013


From the earliest of ages, stage performer Keely Baisden Knudsen has loved the theater and felt compelled to share that love with others.


“I’m of the belief that performers are just born that way,” she says. “When I was three, I remember feeling the spotlight on my face and feeling at home on the stage. It’s an innate part of me that makes me who I am.”


Now as co-founder and artistic director of The Legacy Theatre, Knudsen is preparing to share her love for the thater in an entirely new way: by bringing a thriving theater presense to shoreline residents. Knudsen and her business partner, longtime friend Stephanie Stiefel Williams are currently in the process of turning the Stony Creek Puppet House into a community theater that harkens back to the Puppet House's origins as a silent movie theater and performing arts venue.

For Legacy Theatre, 2013 A Very Good Year

The Sound Newspaper, December 2013


Non-profit Legacy Theatre visionary Keely Baisden Knudsen, a Shore Publishing 2013 Person of the Week, wraps up the year with the following report of great progress in The Legacy's efforts to spark a revival of the arts at Stony Creek's former Puppet House theater. 


Press Release from The Legacy: "Each age has deemed the new-born year the fittest time for festal cheer." - Sir Walter Scott


All of us of in the Legacy community- you and I and many, many others, have great cause for "festal cheer" at the close of this season! What can be accomplished in just one year? Well, here's what The Legacy Theatre, and all of you, accomplished in 2013!

New Owners Have Big Plans For Stony Creek Theater
Branford Eagle, December 2013

Should the latest iteration of the Stony Creek Theater as the home of the Legacy Theatre ever revive a Broadway musical, the ever-popular Kismet would seem a good choice. 


“It has been uncanny how many charmed moments this project has seen,” said Keely Baisden Knudsen, a Guilford resident who co-founded the repertory company that purchased the 100-year old structure in March. “My board members no longer scratch their heads in wonder; it happens so often, we just shrug and say, ‘it’s charmed!’”


The storied Stony Creek Theater, built 100 years ago at 128-132 Thimble Island Rd., has functioned as a silent movie house, the home of a repertory company titled the Parish Players, a summer stock house, a World War II parachute factory, a girdle factory and then an enchanting puppet house featuring rare Sicilian puppets until it closed in 2008 because of safety violations. The late Jim Weil staged productions of the famed Sicilian puppets at the Puppet House for decades.

Stony Creek Puppet House Has A New Owner
New Haven Register, March 2013

The temperature was bone chilling, and the tiny space heater did nothing to alleviate the chill. But there also was a palpable warmth inside the Stony Creek Puppet House, as The Legacy Theatre signed the papers Tuesday making it the official owners of the historic building, setting in motion plans for its revitalization.

Keely Baisden Knudsen, co-founder and artistic director and co-founder Stephanie Stiefel Williams, both of Guilford, as well as several board members who were in attendance, beamed as the paperwork marked the handoff and hopes for a new life for what Williams called "a thoroughbred that no one wants to see put out to pasture."

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