A place for artists to come and create...


The Legacy Theatre is comprised of an historic theater which is currently under renovation, and a neighboring one-bedroom home which has been completed and named the George Victor Artist Cottage, by generous donors Jana and Tom Shea. The contemporary cottage, outfitted with new features, granite kitchen, and a piano for visiting composers, is a sanctuary for artists to take residence and create works outside of the hussle and bustle of everyday life. In walking distance of quaint shops and cafes, the cottage is moments away from a scenic walking trail, park, library, beach, and the beautiful and unique Thimble Islands, which tell a story of their own. Past residencies have included the likes of working Broadway and Television artists such as Ethan Pakchar, Douglas Lyons, Drew Gasparini, and Zak Zadeck. If you are interested in being considered for a residency, please email Info@LegacyTheatreCT.org.



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