The Legacy Theatre offers a variety of ways to become involved in supporting our mission of bringing quality arts programming to the Connecticut shoreline. We invite you to explore some opportunities we currently have. For more information please connect with Keely Baisden Knudsen, Artistic Director, at

Speical thanks to our friends who have purchased a named seat at the Legacy Theatre...
Susan Barnes (In Memory of Daniel and Alice Cosgrove)
F. Vining Bigelow

P.J. and Lauren Camp

John Casso & Mark Serchuck

Betty Ann & John Donegan

Kristina and Theodore Ells

Kate Monaghan Fletcher

Bill & Michele Fredericks

Carol & Tom Gagliardi

Linda & Vin Giordano

Stella Rae Herzog (purchased by Don & Nancy Herzog)

Vita Charlie Herzog (purchased by Don & Nancy Herzog)

Joan & Tom Hughes

Brian & Keely Knudsen and Family

Jeanette & Bob Mobeck

Nancy & Joe Mooney

Melodie & Curt O’Connor

Steven & Violetta Prinz

Ignacio R. Rodriguez

Joan Stiefel Rodriguez

Melanie C. Rodriguez

Andrew W. Rodriguez

Marilyn E. Rodriguez

Melrene & Ron Savin

Luke Williams

Stephanie Williams

Ricky Williams

Valerie Williams

The Royal Court Singers (purchased by Curt & Ann Sorensen)

In Memory of Herman Abbott (purchased by David Y. Bailey)

In Memory of Nelson Denny (purchased by the Landis Family and Susan Lender)

In Memory of George V. McNally (purchased by Jana & Tom Shea)

Branford Hills Health Care Center

Branford Hills Homecare Services 

In loving memory of Nancy Cleora Sorensen

(purchased by the Sorensens)


Thank you to Jana and Tom Shea for naming the George Victor Artist Cottage.


Thank you to the Ariel and Miela Mayer, MFUND for naming a boxed seat, as well as Stephanie and Luke Williams for naming a boxed seat.


Thank you to Stephanie and Luke Williams for naming the Theater.

Thank you to the Mailhouse Family for naming the Orson Welles historic window 

Thank you to James Roday for naming the downstairs dressing room in honor of James Buchanan




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The future of Legacy Theatre is dependent upon support of friends like you. 


Legacy is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization and is registered in the State of Connecticut to solicit contributions. All donations are tax deductible. 


Donate by Phone: 


To contribute by phone, call us at 203-208-5504


Donate by Mail: 


Checks can be made payable to "Legacy Theatre" and mailed to:


Legacy Theatre 

128 Thimble Island Road

Stony Creek, CT 06405







Corporate Support 

Thank you to corporate sponsor


for a $7,500 challenge match grant. 


There are opportunities at Legacy for companies of all sizes to get involved in our Corporate Giving programs. From sponsorships of events and season productions to donor matching programs - we can accommodate all levels of interest in giving.


The Legacy Theatre is a proud member of the Shoreline Chamber of Commerce. 



Legacy gratefully acknowledges the support of our roof replacement from...

Thank You to our Donors!

Seaview Productions

Alliance, TCC, LLC

Webster Private Bank

Tom and Carol Gagliardi

Prinz Family

Shore Publishing

Stephanie and Luke Williams

Branford Rotary

Steven and Hanna Calcagni

Calcagni Real Estate

Christy's Public House

Community Foundation for Greater New Haven

Daniel Cosgrove and Susan Cosgrove Barnes

Kevin and Mary Lynn Foley

Vinnie and Linda Giordano

The Guilford Foundation

Guilford Savings Bank

Kiki and Ted Kennedy, Jr.

Towne Pharmacy

Sharon Abbatiello

Nina Adams and Moreson H. Kaplan

James and Margaret Andreassi

Robert Alvine and Joann Thompson

Donita Aruny

David Bailey

Ann and Bob Baisden

Clint and Rena Baisden

Peter and Theresa Baldino

Hans Barth

Dr. and Mrs. Beckman

Mary and Jeff Beeman

Debbie Bisno

Andrea Bloom and William Chapin

Catherine Bradshaw

Branford Community Foundation

Crystal Brian

Bob Buckholz and Lizanne Fontaine

Katherine Downey Berges

Lauren Brown and John Herzan

John and Madelyn Burzenski

Layna and Peter Cain

Anne Calabresi

Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Calamaro III

Steven and Hanna Calcagni

Calcagni Real Estate

Carly Callahan

Joseph and Mary Beth Canavan

Toni Cartisano

George and Joanne Caruso

John Casso and Mark Serchuck

JoAnne and Jim Civitello

Herb Clark

Paul Cleary

Alcide and Karen Clement

David and Barbara Colley

Dan Cosgrove and Susan Cosgrove Barnes

James B. Cosgrove

Lawrence and Joanne Cozzolino

Stephen and Celeste Cremin-Endes

William Cronan

The Jane and William Curran Foundation

Bill Curran

Elizabeth Dalton

Susan Davison

Susan and Joe DeLaurentis

Ronald and Marcia Delfini

Pamela A. DeLise

Red and Sondra Dering

Eric Dillner

Paul and Victoria Dispazio

Donna Doherty

Joseph and Gretchen Doktorski

John and Betty Ann Donegan

Damian and Susan Doria

Jackie Downing

Mara Dresner

John Driscoll, Jr.

Eder Bros

Kristina and Theodore Ells

David Etzel and Jan Sola Walzer

Richard and Joann Everson

Leonard R. Farber

Josephine Farrecielli

Nancy Feldman

Raymond Ferguson

Lynn and Nick Fischer

Barry and Gila Fischman

Julie Fitzpatrick and Pete Palumbo

John and Kathleen Fleming

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Foley

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fontana

William and Michele Fredericks

Carol and Thomas Gagliardi

Donna Gagliardi

Sandra Gardinier

Susan Glantz

Michael and Donna Lee Gennaro

Vincent and Linda Giordano

Josephine Giordano

Ruth and Jack Glantz Family Foundation

Jennifer Glass

June Gold

Rebecca Goodheart

Yvonne Gordon

Bob and Debbie Graham

Barbara Garvey and Philip Greenvall

Mr. and Mrs. Lee H. Greenwood

Jon and Joan Grossman

Guilford Savings Bank

Heather and Joseph Hackley

Constance Hanrahan

Chad Hardin

Caroline Henningsen

Leslie Hopkins and Theodore Peters

William Horne and Roberta Brilmayer

Sally Howell

Alice and Kurt Hummel

Ion Bank

Ion Insurance

Kyle and Tricia Jacobson

Sandra Jedziniak and Jeremy Mellitz

Barry and Rochelle Kaplan

Craig Keanna and Erin Rice

John and Peggy Kebabian

Robert and Lisa Kelly

Ted and Kiki Kennedy

John and Marilyn Kennedy

Betsy Klarman

Linda Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Knudsen

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Knowlton

Christin Knowlton and Dylan Jones

George and Stacy LaCapra

Anthony and Eunice Lasala

The Levithan Family

Meredith Libby

Antonio and Jenna Liguori

Brian Lonergan

Philip and Kathryn Luchini

Marcia and Vincent Lynch

Robert and Nancy Lyons

Carol Maclachlan

Walter and Martha Maguire

Moira Malone

Marcum, LLP

Chip and Susanne Marsh

Martyn Foundation

Dawn Massey

Catherine Matazewski

Joel Mausner

Melanie Barocas Mayer and Family

Jack and Diane McGuire

Andrew and Bonnie McKirdy

Elaine and Chris McLeod

Jerome and Roslyn Milstein Meyer


Jean Miles

The Mierz Family

Robert and Jeanette Mobeck

Kathleen Murphy and Dennis Knapp

Dana and Terrell Naumann

Eleanor Nelson

Daphne Neris

Tamara Noonan

Martin and Joy-Diane Northam III

Oak Tree Management

Curtis O’Connor and Melodie Lane

Marcum LLP

Oak Tree Development

Robert C. Osborne

Margaret Ottenbreit

Carvin and Renee Pallenberg

Peter Palumbo

Virginia Page

Lee and Robin Partyka

Sheila Peckingham

Fred Philips

Mrs. and Mr. Joseph Polka

Steven and Violetta Prinz

Lonnie and Sharon Quinn

Vincent and Karen Ragonese

Raymond James Financial, Inc.

Tina Redden and James Loftis

Carol Redden

Brigg Reilley

Ed and Barbara Renn

Todd Renz

Bill and Sharon Reynolds

Ginny and Greg Robbins

Neal and Judith Robison

Renee Rocklin

Russ Rosensweig

Allison K. Ross

Charles Rountree

Patrick and Stacy Ruwe

Sapa Extrusion

Mariah Sage and Bruce Seymour

Clarence and Carolyn Sasaki

Ronald and Melrene Savin

Randi Sawyer

Suzan and Rahmi Sayder

Michael and Barbara Schaffer

Christine and Pete Scirocco

Secor, Cassidy, & McPartland, P.C.

Philip Serafino

Conor Shea

Jana and Tom Shea

James Sinclair and Syliva Van Sinderen

Barry and Patti Sinoway

Cynthia Smith

Nancy Smith

Cindi Sorrentino

David and Pamela Snetro

Curtis and Ann Sorenson

John Sousoulas

Harold S. Spitzer

Aleta Staton

Joel Stedman and Sally Scott

Judy Stebbins

Buddy and Daneen Stiefel

Jay and Joyce Stiefel

William Stiefel

George and Teresa Storer

Jaroslaw Strzemien

Nicole Sturgess

Justina Sullivan

Leigh Tedstone

Anne Toffelmire

Henry and Marie Torello

Leland & Laura Torrence

Bill Tower

Earl W. Tucker, III

Sea Mist Thimble Islands Cruise

Melinda Ulrich

Stan and Angela Valencis

Thomas Nicholas Varzos

The Visnic Family

Victor Vroom

Mary Lee Weber

Webster Bank

Beth Weinberger

Ken Welch

Laurence Weller

Anda Weyher

Susa H. Wharfe and JL Pottenger, Jr

Richard Wies

Jason and Carrie Wiesenfeld

Luke and Stephanie Williams

Thomas Williams

Anneatrice Willis

Christine Wood and Alan Forman

Andrew Wood

Jon and Sally Ann Wormley

Remy and Darlene Zimmerman




In-Kind Auction Donors

Michael Aram

Black Dog Imaging

Branford Jewelers

Branford River Resort and Spa

BSK Design at Chroma

Bull Bag

Delta Marketing

The Dressing Room CT

East River Energy


Fired Up

Fleur de Lys Floral Co.

G Zen

Goodspeed Opera House

J Hillburn

Jazz at Lincoln Center

Kebabian’s Oriental Rug

Kramer Studios

Legacy Gala Committee

Lenny 's

Lucy Tailors



Murphy Moving and Storage

Jeff and Rachel Mele

Nancy Mooney Facial

Orchestra New England

Peter David Salon

Richard Penna Salon

Sage American Grill

Savin Center

Seaview Productions

Stephanie Smelser

Stony Creek Package Store

Len Suzio

Tommy Sullivan's Cafe

Tricia Bohan Photography

The Village Chocolatier

Well Suited - Alan Horwitz

Willow & Birch

Withers Bergman


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